Chubb Cyber

Talking Point # 1

Expense Time Limit

Chubb’s Privacy Notification Expenses and Crisis Management Expenses do not have a time limit.

Talking Point # 2

Approved Vendors


Chubb has negotiated discounted rates and prequalified our recommended vendor list. A Chubb Cyber insured will have the benefit of a group rate and comfort in knowing the vendor has the appropriate expertise should the insured choose to use a Chubb recommended vendor and not their own.


Talking Point #3

Crisis Management Expenses Coverage


Chubb’s Crisis Management Expenses go beyond public relations services and the mitigation of negative publicity to provide affirmative coverage for independent costs for legal counsel, forensic investigation, public relations consulting or advertising and public relations media and activities.


Talking Point #4

Credit Monitoring Time Limit


Under Chubb’s Privacy Notification Expenses there is not a preset time limit for credit monitoring services.


Talking Point #5

Notification Approval


Under Chubb’s Privacy Notification Expense coverage the insured does not need Chubb’s prior approval to notify those Persons who may be directly affected by a potential or actual unauthorized access of their Record.


Talking Point #6

Regulatory Defense


Chubb provides this by endorsement.


Talking Point #7

Business Interruption Period of Restoration


Chubb’s CyberSecurity E-Business Interruption Period of Recovery can continue up to 60 days after the Insured’s Services are fully restored.

Talking Point #8

Duty to defend

Chubb’s ForeFront is duty to defend.

Taking Point #9

Loss Prevention Consultant Services


Chubb’s CyberSecurity offering includes a loss prevention consultant services reimbursement approach to coverage. The Loss Prevention Consultant Services reimbursement allows the client to get up to 10% of the premium back to a maximum of $10,000 if preapproved loss prevention services are conducted during the policy term.



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