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As a result of the ongoing drought and recent high temperatures in California, I am sure that you are not surprised by the number of wildfires currently burning in the state. Rest assured that Chubb’s Wildfire Defense Services (WDS) has been closely monitoring each of these fires since their onset. Yesterday, WDS was monitoring a total of 67 different wildfire events with the majority in California. Although the current wildfire events continue to receive significant media coverage, fortunately, there is currently no imminent threat to any Chubb clients. In fact, properties belonging to our nearest clients are located more than 10 miles from the front of most of the fires. Specific to the Rocky Fire, Chubb has one client with a home located approximately five miles from the fire. Fortunately, the fire appears to be moving away the aforementioned client’s home. Although conditions change rapidly, we will continue to monitor fire conditions, fire activity, and have resources staged in the event that an actual response becomes necessary. The recent wildfire events should also serve as a reminder for you to assure that your clients enroll in our complimentary Wildfire Defense Services (WDS) program. Should you need a current list of your clients who are eligible but have not yet enrolled, please contact your marketing specialist.


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